gum-disease - free niche website to make money

Site Set Up Guide
1. Download and extract the zip file.
2. Upload all files in the folder keeping the file structure and file names as they are to your root directory.
3. Go to the cgi-bin and CH-MOD the file to 755
4. Type in
5. If you don’t see any errors and see the page telling you the permissions have been set, it worked. 🙂
6. Type
7. The first time you arrive at this page you setup your username and password (this can be changed later in the admin panel)
8. The main page is the setting page. Add in your Adsense Id and Affiliate Id’s
Provide your email where you want the file to be delivered. We would appreciate a generous tip for a cup of coffee to recharge ourselves. Don’t worry, we will not grumble if you cannot. Type in the amount you want to tip or a simple 0 (zero) if you don’t want to.


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